Sunday, January 13, 2013

Employee Quits.....I Am Now $32,000 Richer for 2013

I recently had an employee quit.

Said employee's wages for 2013 would have been in the $32,000 range, more if you count the cash on the side I would give above her salary for her extra work, the daily lunches I provided, the occasional buffet meal that I would pay for when traveling, the ten five minute smoke breaks a day that I allowed, the hour long lunches,'re looking more in the $35,000+ range.

Good worker, more dedicated than most, pretty conscientious, able to lift 100+ pounds....but hey, $35,000 is a lot of money for one year, so I'm not too upset.

Now she can spend as much time as she wants with her step-grandson. Of course finding another $35,000 a year job with 3+ weeks worth of vacation time in the first 8 months will probably be a challenge for her.

Update September 13: Said employee now works as a clerk at a cash station, opposite shifts as her wife, and now wants to be called a "he." Apparently is undergoing hormone therapy and will have a penis installed as soon as possible. She/he has told customers at the gas station that I'm an asshole (might not be able to deny that) and that she had to quit because she couldn't get time off for your gender reassignment appointments. Well, that's not really the case, because I didn't know anything about any gender reassignment or gender identity disorders when she worked here, and well, I'd probably have encouraged her to do what she wanted in that would have provided us with many lunch hours full of interesting drama.

Here's Your God Damn Penny, Fuck You

Ugh, another Amazon customer who purchased an item for a fucking penny has a problem....imagine that! The Amazon customers who spend $3, or $15 or $99 never seem to have any issues with their merchandise, yet those idiots who pick the lowest priced items seem to have all sorts of issues. Penny items usually net us about 50 cents profit....if you don't count the cost of labor to pull the item from the warehouse and package and ship it.

So some douchebag was upset that the USPS handled his DVD so badly that it came loose from the plastic case and scratched it...a brand new, still sealed DVD. Of course, this is MY fault entirely. I should have just insured the fucking $0.01 item (which costs $.80, making the sale a $.30 loss) and then I could file an insurance claim that will take 15 minutes to do and another 2 weeks to receive credit for.

I'm sorry, but if I bought an item for a penny, and got a box full of shit....I'd be like, "yeah, well, what did I expect for a fucking PENNY!"  But no, these imbeciles on Amazon think that a penny is a gold bar.

The fact that I am venting about this on a blog that no one reads and wasting precious time is very irritating to me. Wasting 2 minutes to complain about an item for a penny though, well that, that would make my fucking head explode. I'm off work though, I put in 14 hour day today, so this is therapy. I would like to know what the person who tries to get a penny refund does for a living that their time is less valuable than that fucking penny. .....perhaps that his their off-hours release as well?