About The Angry Etailer

About The Angry Etailer Blog:

The Angry Etailer blog was started as an avenue for a frustrated eCommerce entrepreneur (me) to vent, rant and blow off steam, while at the same time trying to provide a bit of somewhat relevant insights to the eCommerce community. All stories are true and yet have embellishments, sarcasm and hyperbole scattered throughout. I have sold on numerous multiple seller websites in the past and currently own and co-manage over a dozen eCommerce and informational websites. I also have a web design and hosting company that provides eCommerce services and tools.

If you too are a frustrated angry Etailer, I invite you to join the conversation with comments. If you would like to write articles to add to the blog, please contact me and I will try to ascertain whether your level of frustration is high enough to include you as an author on this blog.