Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving - I'm Thankful I Can Read

Yesterday was a pretty solid day.  I could count the instances during the day where I wanted to shoot myself in the face on one hand...that's a pretty stress free day.  The highlight of my day had to be getting a call from someone who was illiterate (or nearly so - he was trying to sound out words like he'd tried before).  He was an adult and I couldn't really say that I thought he was in any way disabled mentally by the sound of his voice.  He wanted to buy a video game system.  I thought about pointing out that perhaps he should spend his time trying to learn to read, rather than raping hookers and shooting zombies on Xbox.

Another customer didn't read an item description and was unhappy that their product was exactly as described on the product info page.  This person, however, was literate enough to construct an angry email about the item. I find it amazing that even after one of these nitwits gets something that they are unhappy with, that they do not go back to the description and at least check to see if perhaps the item was described as having the issue in question.

Oh well.  It's Thanksgiving, so I'll be taking a break from my 18 hour work day for some turkey.  So today, I'm thankful that I can read.  I'm also thankful that my wife can read and that our 5 & 6 year olds can read as well.  How is it in this country that my boys could read when they were 3 & 4 respectively, and yet a full grown adult human being can make it into adulthood through our public school system and still not be able to read?

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