Thursday, April 14, 2011

Evolution of the Web, If You Don't Adapt, You Still Survive

Just a quick rant for this evening...  Checking my Google Adsense stats for the month and noticed that one of my sites wasn't producing much revenue. The site in question is a client's site that is partially ad-supported. I've received basically no revenue from this site within the past two weeks via Adsense. So I did a search on Google for the site.  It's there, indexed and loading fine.

However, it's as ugly as fuck. The client hasn't updated it in awhile, but that's beside the point. When this client signed on, I can remember designing a killer kick-ass site in all html (this was about 6 years ago). It was pretty, functional, simple and direct. The client previewed the site and said that they liked Microsoft Word Art...................fuck. They also had several other "design modifications" that they wanted to make.

So basically they took all my work and ended up throwing it all out except the cool Mid-century background. Fast-forward to 2011, and it sucks royally. It looks like something that the Wayback Machine puked out and then took a shit in a pile of its own vomit. Buuuuttttt, the clients like it and are happy, so all is well.

Technology moves fast. Evolution moves slow. Technological evolution moves at warp speed. Try not to get stuck in 2005. It seems like yesterday, but where the internet is concerned, it might-as-well be 1868.

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