Thursday, December 6, 2012

What Percentage of Amazon Customers are Illiterate?

What percentage of Amazon customers are illiterate?

a) All of them.
b) 50% of them.
c) 1% of them.
d) None of them are illiterate, but about 2% of them are too stupid or lazy to read descriptions or conditions of items and buy solely on the nice pretty stock picture of the item provided.

The closest answer is D!

I'm just glad Amazon sends me these emails from stupid fucking customers that bought a CD, thinking it was a DVD rather than the customer showing up at my brick and mortar store to tell me about the same issue.

I'm afraid I'd have to strangle the dipshit half-way through the explanation of why they bought a CD, when they wanted to watch the movie and not listen to the soundtrack!

When I do something stupid, I want to keep it to myself. I'll beat myself up in my head and vow to never do that stupid thing again, but these morons on Amazon that don't read....they just want there penny back and don't give a rat's ass if the vendor knows that they are a fucking retard.

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