Thursday, September 12, 2013

Mailmen Who Scan Packages as Delivered....Then Eat Them

So I have a customer who just emailed that he didn't receive his book that he paid a PENNY for on Amazon a MONTH ago! .....but, he says that the tracking says it was delivered almost a month ago, but he doesn't have it, and he wants me to find out where it is.


You paid a fucking penny for it. After Amazon fees, postage and labor, I might have made 25 cents after I got the shipping credit from Amazon, maybe. Did the customer call the post office or talk to the mailman? No, that would make too much sense. More sense it would make to contact the seller who provided the tracking number, which was scanned like 10 times on its 3000 mile journey to the buyer's door, where the mailman scanned it....and then apparently ate it.

Of course, in the end I'll end up refunding the buyer and eating the shipping and fees and labor, but I'm sick of these people getting packages scanned as "delivered" and then contacting me asking where they are at. It's especially maddening when they KNOW the tracking says it was delivered. In this case the buyer is on the west coast, I'm on the east, what does he think I can possibly do?

Call the post office myself? I could do that, and I used to, but for a penny, it isn't worth my time, and it's an Amazon sale, so it isn't like the shopper is going to come back into my obscure Amazon store and buy more stuff.

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