Sunday, October 27, 2013

Fuck eBay Buyers, Fuck 'em All

I just got an offer on a piece of jewelry on eBay. 100+ year old gold filled locket with embossed Art Nouveau design. Listed at $24.99. Offer at $15 with a question about how "the plating was holding up." Fine, whatever, a legitimate question in 1997 when listings didn't have pictures and cameras were .5 mega pixels. This is 2013, and my 14 mp camera is shit. eBay suggests pictures that are 1600 pixels wide or bigger. My item is 1 1/4 inches wide in real life. So my enormous eBay picture is at least 10 times the actual size of the piece taken with a 14mp camera with 600 dpi. If you can't tell from a picture that size, the condition, then you are blind and have far greater problems than whether a 100 year old piece of jewelry has  a bit of wear to the plating.

BTW, some wear is clearly evident in all photos.

Also...This was the fourth offer I've received on this piece of jewelry that is 100+ years old, in very good or better condition for $15 or more.

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