Sunday, January 30, 2011

Harvard Business Review Says to Think at Work to Increase Productivity

From the Harvard Business Review: "...when you sit down at your desk in the morning, pause before your turn on your computer or pick up the phone. Take a deep breath and give thought to what you are about to do. You may find this focus helps you accomplish tasks more carefully and productively."

That's advice from one of the foremost business schools in the world "give thought to what you are about to do." Have we as as species devolved so much that the smartest among us must tell the rest of us that we need to think in order to do our work?

The quote above was taken from Reuters website and adapted from Peter Bregman's The Value of Ritual in Your Workday, which isn't a study, but just an article not much longer than the Reuters tip-o-the-day. Bregman had an epiphany while watching The Last Samurai (the second time), so perhaps I will try to institute some rituals into my day. Rituals that don't include stopping, taking a deep breath, and thinking about reasons not to shoot myself in the face as I watch one of the employees do something that will ultimately cost far more than they are worth. And perhaps I can get my employees to do something ritualistic that result in better productivity and less all-around stupidity.

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