Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I Dislike Huge Winter Storms - I Hate the Weather Channel More

Winter storms suck. They make a mess, they're cold, the make it hard to drive...etc. But I hate the weather channel more! Sure it's crappy outside, and maybe somewhere there are stranded motorists whose cars have frozen into the road and are slowly icing over, making them coffins for their owners who dared brave the precipitation....but not here.

The Weather Channel's website posted apocalyptic graphics and images and referred to this storm as nothing less than the end of the world as we know it. Sooo...I have no employees today. Never mind that it has only snowed about 1-2 inches at most, and that the roads aren't icy, that doesn't matter. "Weather.com says we're all gonna die, I wanna be at home with my family if we're gonna die."  Tomorrow isn't supposed to be better either, in fact tomorrow is when the rest of the survivors from today will die of exposure or collapsing roofs...or whatever. Fact is, everyone is going to die in the northeast either today or tomorrow because of the weather, and nobody wants to work on their last day on the planet.

I just hope that if my employees somehow make it through the next two days, that our accountant does as well. I'd hate for the paychecks to be stranded in a snowbank under an avalanche of ice and snow. Every time we get a bad forecast that assures that workers will call off, I wish the storm had happened on a Friday, because I'm sure they'd make it in to work even if they had to wear snowshoes and walk 12 miles in an ice storm, just to make sure they got their checks.

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