Friday, February 11, 2011

Employee Quits Job to "Fuck the Government" - Part 2

This story is part 2 in the continuing saga, here's the first part.

In our last installment of venting, I told you about an employee who quit her job to "fuck the government." Well, now I have an update after speaking with her when she came to pick up her last check. If not entertaining, then this story can serve as a warning to any would-be morons out there who have ever thought about pulling this trick.

So she gathered up her bills and went to the assistance office to try to get them to pay her three months of back rent, for which she is being evicted in two weeks. Keep in mind that I'm not making this up. She was told to drop the papers off. She did. She called later to check her progress.

Her (to worker at assistance office): Hi, I just quit my job so that you guys would pay my rent.
Assistance worker: What?
Her: I couldn't pay my rent, so I quit my job.
Assistance worker: Please hold. (does not put her on hold, just hold phone away from her face and says loudly to the other workers in the office...) Hey guys, this woman just said she quit her job so that welfare would pay for her apartment. [laughter erupts]
Her: Well you wouldn't pay my rent or give me money because I made too much at work, so I quit so I don't make that much money anymore.
Assistance Worker: Seriously?
Her: Yeah, in this economy, it's easier to not work and just get on welfare.

The welfare office refused her claim. In fact, they sanctioned her. Sanctioned, as in pulled all financial aid of any kind from her. No more food stamps, no more medical card, no more subsidized housing. It wasn't clear yet whether she would lose her son's disability check or not.

Now obviously this poses a problem for her. No job, no income, no assistance, and her son has a genetic disease that requires hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of medical care. She called back to the assistance office begging them not to take what benefits she had. The assistance worker repeated the conversation and told her basically that she was trying to commit fraud by quitting a job because it would be easier to just get welfare. So she went into that mode that some people go into when they try to justify things but not directly lie...obfuscation.

Assistance worker: You said, "[repeats girl's earlier comments]"
Her: That isn't what I meant.
Assistance Worker: But that's exactly what you said, it was pretty clear.
Her: Yeah, but what I meant that I needed money to pay rent because my son is sick.
Assistance Worker: With his genetic condition?
Her: Yes
Assistance Worker: Is he deteriorating?
Her: No
Assistance Worker: Is his condition manageable?
Her: Yes
Assistance Worker: Is his condition currently under control?
Her: Yes
Assistance Worker: Then that is no reason to quit a job and ask for welfare either.

I'm guessing this is when the sobbing began. When she last spoke with the assistance worker she was still sanctioned, but the assistance worker did say that she's consult with her manager about the situation - which probably means that she will entertain her boss with a stupid person story the next time she sees him/her.

And if this isn't bad enough, when she came to pick up her check and told this story, she actually had the nerve to call the assistance worker a "stupid cunt." This girl makes forced sterilizations seem like not such a bad idea after all.

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