Wednesday, February 9, 2011

With Unemployment at 9% Employee Quits to "Fuck the Government"

She'd worked for us for a year and a half. Not the best worker by any means. Slow, unmotivated, lazy, likes to text and play on the internet. We offered her full time, she chose to be scheduled for 30 hours instead - on average would work about 24 of those hours in a week. She has a one year old baby with health problems that are manageable, but still require daily meds and monthly trips to the children's hospital.

Yesterday she got an eviction notice - 17 days to vacate her apartment. Last night she quit her job because she doesn't have any money.

Manager: Why don't you just work some more hours if you need money?
Worker: I don't want to work.
Manager: Well what are you going to do for money, if you can't pay your bills now?
Worker: I'm going to fuck the government.

Now when she says "fuck the government," I'm assuming that she meant that she would try to get welfare. Maybe it could me that she's going to start whoring herself out to government employees? God only knows with her.

Currently, this individual receives a $700 per month SSI disability check for her son, who has a genetic disease (he's functional and otherwise healthy both physically and mentally, and the condition is manageable). In addition to SSI she also receives food stamps, WIC, subsidized housing, medical card and has taken advantage of cash payouts numerous times (for back rent, to fix her car, etc.).  She also hits up local charities any time she can (food bank, church charities, toys for tots, etc.).

She is everything that is wrong with the welfare system today. She is almost $1000 behind on the rent for her subsidized apartment, which she shares with her live-in boyfriend (which is against the rules in the government housing projects) despite having a job and getting a monthly check.

Keep in mind that this employee was offered a full time position, but chooses to work less. She's 21 and single, perfectly healthy and capable and working. Our company offers full-time employees three raises based on attendance, and after that the raises are performance based. She only ever made the first raise, which was for working a full 40 hour week. The second raise comes after two consecutive 40 hour weeks with no call-offs. This proved to be a hurdle that she could not clear in over a year and a half.

She is exactly the type of person that Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity describes when they rant about big government and welfare states. Instead of using these programs as a temporary crutch, this girl tries to use them as a power wheelchair. It isn't the system that's broken, it's the people in the system. I believe that a lot of today's problems like this stem from the horrendous educational system in the US. Recent high school graduates should be ready to be productive members of society, instead many seem dead set on becoming a drain.

Oh well. I'm just wondering if she thinks she's going to be able to get unemployment after quitting.

Update: There's now more to the continuing saga here.

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