Sunday, February 6, 2011

Does Anyone Ever Read Anything When Buying Online!?!?

A few weeks ago, a customer calls concerning a couple of products that they purchased from one of our online stores. The items were parts that did not fit. She wanted to exchange to parts for others of different sizes....even said she'd pay for the shipping. Cool. That particular site has a strict no returns policy, but I was willing to let it slide since she was making an upgrade, paying the difference and shipping both ways.

So now today I get an email from this customer....her replacement parts did not fit. She wants to return them and wants us to credit her credit card. WTF? For a bit of background, the site has a no return policy. Why? Because we basically got tired of dealing with this type of shit. Many of the products are old stock parts for specific types of toys. They made tons of different sizes, and it is impossible for us to know what size a customer needs, partly because many of these toys didn't have specific model names and have numerous sizes of each model.

We tried at first to help the customer by telling them what size of parts they'd need, but that didn't work - too hard to tell over the phone or email (even with pictures) what size was needed. Then we tried to have customer measure the toys and we'd suggest the appropriate size of part. That didn't work, because apparently most people have forgotten how to measure, either that, or there are a lot of elementary school dropouts running around. So tired of taking returns because some clod was too stupid to measure their widget correctly, we instituted a no returns policy. During the checkout process we highlight this policy on no less than two pages with bright red letters in the shopping cart, directly above the product (the rest of the page is black & white).

Still, we get requests for returns. This lady has wasted at least 2 man hours with her questions, orders, questions, reorders, questions, returns, etc. And for what? A $40 order....that she now wants refunded. My head is going to explode.

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